8 Reasons Disney Witches Are the Best Witches

Hey, witches! If you’ve spent much time around the internet, then you know that October is really the only month that the Disney princesses step aside, and the villains take center stage. Lately, it’s been the witches in particular that are catching a lot of the spotlight, and for good reason: Disney witches are the best witches. Now, I don’t mean to start an internet war amongst the fandoms, I got love for all kinds of witches — but hear me out on why Disney witches are the best.

1)  They dress how they want to, when they want to, because they want to.


Sure, the official witch dress code calls for a pointy hat — but I’m pretty sure that even if Maleficent could wear hats, dress codes don’t apply to witches so witchy they have horns growing outta their heads.

2)  Which means that even if you are a devout Disney princess kinda lady, there’s still a witch out there for you.

Disney has had its share of sinister sorceresses, especially in the early days (or glory days as I like to call ‘em) — but if you just can’t love an ugly witch, “warts and all,” then fret not!  Some of these ghouls know how to glam it up, like Glinda, who got a wicked make-over that transformed her from an MGM gal to Disney royalty.

3)  They remembered something the rest of us forgot: sea witches are badass.


Ursula is half octopus, half Mimi from The Drew Carey Show, and 100% awesome. And her awesomeness doesn’t just stop at the fact that she could theoretically drink a shot of whiskey, knit 3 sweaters, and rock a Shake Weight all at the same time; she is also a wise, wise witch that understood the power behind a woman with a voice.

4)  Even their made-for-TV witches are pretty great.

Agatha Cromwell

From that witch hanging out at Waverly Place to Agatha Cromwell, these Disney witches manage something that is truly magical: they take something that is made-for-TV, and they make it wonderful. Seriously, how many made-for-TV anythings can you really say that about?

5)  They don’t need brooms to get around.


Although, admittedly, sometimes they don’t make much of an upgrade. Okay, so maybe there are a couple glitches among these made-for-TV witches…

6)  Some of them sing and dance.

Nightmare Before Christmas

While most witches are boiling rats and cursing your first borns, Disney witches are boiling rats, cursing your first borns, AND cranking out this year’s musical breakout. Not only are these witches having the time of their life, but they’re getting some serious multi-tasking done.

7)  Unlike the gals in most witch pics you’ll see around the web this Halloween, this one knows how to rock the duckface.

Magica de Spell

All you need in life are broomsticks, breadsticks, and friends to cackle with. #MagicaDeSpell #DuckTales #nofilter #instawitch #tbt #noms #travel #friends

8)  Literally everything about the Sanderson Sisters.

Sanderson Sisters

All right, internet, I’ve been saving the best for last. . . I could attempt to list out literally everything about the Sanderson Sisters — but it would probably break the internet, and it wouldn’t quite do them justice. What I’m trying to say here is that you should, if at all possible, summon yourself a bowl of popcorn and a Hocus Pocus DVD and watch that ish now!


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