Assassins: Episode 1

Warring business fraternities the Alphas and the Betas are on the hunt…and their targets happen to be roommates. Alpha President Todd and Beta President Lydia are left with the PR mess.


Synopsis: In a game of water gun warfare, ice queen Lydia is pitted against her popular archnemesis Todd Jenkins.  As Presidents of opposing business fraternities, Todd and Lydia are natural enemies — but a growing attraction between them threatens to complicate their goals in the game.

Assassins is an all-consuming, 24-7 college water gun game that brings out your inner child, your inner killer, your inner paranoid-freak… and it gets you really wet.


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LYDIA FARREL, Beta President, Assassins specialty: the kill

Lydia has a freakish ability to win any competition she enters, but when it comes to winning over people, Lydia is at a big fat zero.

TODD JENKINS, Alpha President, Assassins specialty: alliances

Everyone likes Todd Jenkins, and Todd gets along with everyone – except Lydia Farrel.

WILLIE LIGHTMAN a.k.a. Agent IronWill, Assassins specialty: all-around expert

Willie is an expert on Assassins strategy, but watergun warfare takes a toll on a man.  He has seen things.

KAT CHANG, Beta, Assassins specialty: stalking

You could call her emo, but Kat prefers “existential bitch.”

LUDO de ROSARIO, Alpha, Assassins specialty: sharp-shooting

Ludo is Todd’s right hand man.  He hits on anything that moves, and a few things that don’t.

KESTER CUMMINGS, Alpha, Assassins Specialty: water-refilling

The only person Kester truly fears is Lydia Farrel, who is half his size.




Kristen DellaPace as Lydia

Corey Krueger as Todd

Robert George as Ludo

Tracy S. Lee as Kat

Christopher Greenwood as Kester

Michael James as Dawson

Emma Szumilas as Snoring Girl

Alissa Anderegg as Sleeping Angel

Anastasia Washington as Susie

Shirley Burns as Librarian

Abigail Mittel as Kitty Bon

Orson Chaplin as Max Kay

Macleish Day as Maclaren

Sebashtin Alain as Dan Wilder

Arthur De Larroche Diennet as Willie Lightman/Agent Ironwill




Created & Written by Krista Suh

Directed by Barbara Stepansky

Executive Producers – Erika Cervantes, Emily McGregor

Produced by Marcey Lynn Frutchey, Andres Rodriguez Franco

Director of Photography – Aymae Sulick

Chief Lighting Technician – Henry Dhuy

1st Assistant Camera – Jarrett Sexton, Christopher Pritzlaff

Sound Recordist – Janna R. Lopez Räven, Sean Oakley

Art Director – Nikki Rudloff

Hair and Make-Up – Jean Melsheimer

Costume Designer – Jennifer Raatz

Dolly Grip – Antonio Aguirre

Edited by Zachary Anderson

Post Production Sound by Sean Oakley

Music by Dana Niu

Additional Effects Editing by Nathan Whitcomb

Title Sequence and Graphics by Marta Topolska

Color by Yuki Noguchi

Production Assistants – Aric Abraham, Taylor Beumel, Aaron Collins, Valentin Duran, Shea Leary


Extras – Aric Abraham, Antonio Aguirre, Erika Cervantes, Linda Chavez, Margarita Chavez, David Garcia, Shea Leary, Vince Major, Emily McGregor, Ollin Morales, Luis Navarro, Jennifer Raatz, Phil Snyder, Barbara Stepansky, Krista Suh




Written and Performed by Heather Schmidt


Written by David Crocco & Cela Scott
Performed by Icky’s Ego


“Ike’s Anthem”
Written by Matt Van Winkle
Performed by Matt Van Winkle & Math and Science


“Make It Happen”
Written and Performed by Andrew Wang (Allurre)


“Never Do You Wrong”
Written by Allurre for
Performed by Allurre featuring Vvienna


“Ticking Off (Instrumental)”
Written and Performed by Mike Saenz


“Yet Another One More Time”
Written by Charles Lindo

Performed by The American Professionals

“Easy to Please”

Written and Performed by Vvienna
Beat produced by Grade A for



Written by Paulina Logan and Gilli Moon
Performed by Paulina Logan

“The Specialist (Instrumental)”
Written by Charles Lindo
Performed by The American Professionals



AFI, Kelly Dorsey, Cal State LA, Kristiina Hackel, Jim and Leisha Anderegg, Erika Cervantes, Luis Navarro, Linda Chavez, Jesse Morales, Antonio Morales


Boyd Tom Davis

Next Chapter Books


Mike and April Schwartz

Jason Pascual

Paintball USA


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