Bangs Like Zooey

Are cute bangs the secret to stardom? MadMoni thinks so. If you want to make it in Hollywood, you gotta get those Bangs Like Zooey! BANGIN’!

“Bangs Like Zooey” Song
Written & Performed By MadMoni (Maddy Whitby & Monica Sherer)
Concept by Comediva & MadMoni
Music by Vision

“Bangs Like Zooey” Music Video:
Directed by Emily McGregor
Produced by Linda Yvette Chavez 
Executive Producer – Erika Cervantes
Director of Photography Chris Pritzlaff
Edited by Kevin Lipnos 
VFX – Nick Erickson 
Makeup – Jackie Coon
Sylist – Natasha Kutraovacz
Sound Design by Ben Huff
Grip – Luis Navarro
PA – Sam Christopher
PA – Vickie Toro

MadMoni as themselves
Waiter – Damien Haas
Bodyguard – Japhet Gordon
Sylist #1 – Alex Lewis
Sylist #2 – Diego Giovanni
Banged Twins – Kara Pacitto & Katelyn Pacitto

Aliza Pearl
Vickie Toro
Jazmin Covarrubias
Colleen Donovan
Nick Erickson 


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