Bonjour Star Wars!

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Written and Executive Produced by Erika Cervantes (
Directed by Emily McGregor (
Producer and Choreographer – Linda Yvette Chavez (
Producer and Wardrobe – Amanda Deibert (


Marisha Ray as Princess Leia (
Bennett Jones as Han Solo (
Mike Lawson as Luke Skywalker
Matthew Solomon as Obi-Wan Kanobi (
Kosha Patel as Jasmine (
Monica Joy Sherer as Ariel (
Genevieve Farrell as Snow White
Genevieve Lee as Mulan (
Sam Weller as Mickey Mouse (
Brittany Freeth as Cruella DeVille
Dana Pacheco as Malificent (
Matt Jennings as C-3PO
Ryan Barrington as Darth Vader
Bethany Boles as Yoda/Magic Carpet
Ollin Morales as Aladdin (
Luis Navarro as Fanboy (
Vickie Toro as Fangirl (
Dove Meir as Captain America (

Lead Female Vocals – Monika Beal
Lead Male Vocals – Josh Bedlion
Additional Vocals – Jason Lewis, Erika Cervantes, Sam Weller, Luis Navarro, Emily McGregor
Recording and Mix by Chris Thomas (

Director of Photography – Chris Pritzlaff
Edited by Erika Cervantes
VFX by Diego Corbino
Additional Post Production – Grant Olin, Brook Willard
Grip – Luis M. Navarro
Make-up Artist – Kazu Okada
Make-up Artist – Rie Abe
Production Assistant – Stephanie Militello

A very special thanks to the following fine folks, for allowing us to borrow various costumes and props:
America Young
Cat Staggs
Drew Coombs
Alex Cason
Luis Navarro
Max Valdovinos

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