Google delved deep into your personal life and found that something was missing. Introducing G-Male. Yes, Google has created The Perfect Male.


Amanda Troop as Spokesperson
Brendan Bradley as G-Male
Nikki Muller as Nikki
Stephanie Bentley as Steph


Written by America Young
Concept by America Young, Emily McGregor & Nikki Muller
Directed by Emily McGregor
Produced by Emily McGregor & America Young
Associate Producer – Luis M. Navarro
Executive Producer – Erika Cervantes

Director of Photography – Will Turner
Edited by Erika Cervantes
Original Score by Chris Thomas
Sound Design by Sean Oakley
Production Sound – Scott Pierog
Key Production Assistant – Vickie Toro


Christopher Bateman
Todd Brown
Erika Cervantes
Linda Chavez
Candace Lewis
Emily McGregor
Luis M. Navarro
Carly Satterly
Danika Simek
Vickie Toro
Maximo Valdovinos
Ivan Van Norman
America Young



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  1. comediva

    @Boz – Hmm, that would be a YouTube thing, not an us thing. Sorry we can’t help! Try clicking the title to watch on YouTube?

    And @Nikki! LOL! We imagine you’d have to sign out before you could turn G-Male off.

  2. Boz

    Um, no audio or volume contol?? I am using IE9, which is supposed to be HTML5 compliant. Is this another Google stunt to get people to load Chrome??

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