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Contrary to popular belief, we geeks have needs, too.  We aren’t always so vocal about it, choosing to keep our freakiness a secret ’til just the right moment, when even the most epic of multiple nerdgasms can’t satiate, but one thing’s for sure: geeks know what they like, and when we like something, or when something stirs the Bolrog within, there’s no telling just how quickly we’ll zip straight to the parsack.So turn up the John Williams and set your wands to mood-lumos, it’s time for the Hunger Games.Hunger … for sex.

Star Wars

You:  Millennium Falcon

Your Partner:  Chewbacca


Scenario:  An Imperial ship is chasing you down the Kessel Run.  But, oh no!  The light-speed’s bugging out again, and the ship’s technician has to get all up in there to take care of business.  Even (and especially) if it means chewbaccing through some wires (aka candy underwear).

Battlestar Galactica

You:  Kara “Starbuck” Thrace

Your Partner:  Dr. Gaius Baltar

Scenario:  For those who like it rough.  Now, Baltar has sex with just about everyone who has a line, and what Starbuck wants, Starbuck gets, so the bottom line is: have at it.

Star Trek

You:  Mr. Spock

Your Partner:  Captain Kirk

Scenario:  Set your phasers to sexy — it’s gonna get all energized up in hurr.  You’re a highly logical being, not usually susceptible to animalistic human urges, but Kirk’s complementary charm and laidbackness are irresistible.  Opposites attract, and, after a brief, heated argument about the next step in a dangerous rescue mission, you finally give in to your human side.  And, let’s face it, them ears look primed for a little foreplay.

Harry Potter

You:  Nagini

Your Partner:  Voldemort

Scenario:  Voldemort wants to make you his horcrux.  AKA Get inside you.

Lord of the Rings

You:  Eowyn

Your Partner:  Arwen

Scenario:  Screw Aragorn and his indecisiveness: who needs men?  Especially a guy with so much baggage?  It starts out with the two of you giving each other the steely eye, but you’re curious: what does Aragorn see in her, anyway?  What can she do?  You have to find out for yourself.


You:  Gandalf

Your Partner:  Saruman

Scenario:  Two words: Angry Sex.  Third word: Staffs.

The Hunger Games

You:  Haymitch

Your Partner:  Effie

Scenario: Both of you have paid your dues, and both of you are vessels of secret Awesome.  Your experience in the Games left you with a major case of PTSD, however, and Effie’s unfailing peppiness is the only sunny spot on the horizon.  But even Effie has her downs.  In a moment of insurmountable stress, brought about by Peeta’s weakening condition, you find each other.  I mean, what were Haymitch and Effie really doing while the District 12 kids were in the arena?

Mass Effect

You:  Commander Shepard

Your Partner:  Liara

Scenario:  Make it a fun “choose your own adventure” type deal.  Your partner asks you a question and gives you a couple of possible answers.  Answer correctly, and you advance in your mission.  Into Liara’s pants.


You:  Dragon

Your Partner:  Their choice

Scenario:  Level-up your rod and get your dragonborn partner thu’uming long into the night.


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