Geek Therapy: Nerd vs Geek

A nerd and a geek turn Geek Therapy into couples therapy as they dissect the differences between them.


America Young as Geek Therapist

Eric Campbell as Geek Guy

Jessica Mills as Nerd Girl


Created by America Young & Emily McGregor

Written and Directed by Emily McGregor

Produced by America Young

Director of Photography – Jennifer Ann Henry

Executive Produced & Edited by Erika Cervantes

Assistant Editor – America Young

Sound Design by Sean Oakley

Sound Mixer – Jesse David Ing

Production Interns – Vickie Toro, Beau Kiniry and Hanna Lieberman


Do you have a Nerd vs Geek battle going with your significant other? Watch more Geek Therapy!


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  1. Erika Cervantes

    “That book iJedi had an entire chapter on food preparation!”
    “They were cooking for Han Solo and Princess Leia!”


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