Gollum Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Like You!

gollum-kristen-stewartMeh.Wherever there is happiness, Gollum Kristen Stewart is there to mock it.  Whenever puppies and kittens fill your heart with joy, Gollum Kristen will pierce your happy-bubble with her sharp, sharp tongue.  Butterflies turn back into caterpillars in her presence.  She is the moment when a cute kid becomes unfortunate-looking.  Morose, cantankerous, churlish, crabby, dour, down in the dumps, glum, ill-humored, melancholy, moping, sour, sullen, surly, taciturn and testy.  Yes, it’s Gollum KStew!












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Erika Cervantes and Luis Navarro

Erika is the President/Founder of Comediva.com.  She loves comedy, the Internets, and working with badass women.   She also enjoys cupcakes, mismatched socks, and has been known to put her employees into baby carriages.  Plus, she has unicorn blood and her tears turn into jellybeans.

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