Joss Whedon Fixes Movies

He’s done it again!  Not since his uncredited rewrite of Speed took Hollywood by storm has Joss Whedon’s name been on so many lips. Now, flush with box office power, imagine a world where Joss is set loose to work his Whedonesque magic on blockbusters small and large!









Next, find out what happens when Firefly meets Big Bang Theory!


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  1. Mis

    Well done :) I like all of them, and perhaps I’d even pay to see these movies. As it is, I probably won’t see any but Abe Lincoln (since Alan Tudyk is in it).

  2. Erika Cervantes
    Erika Cervantes


    @GJG @DrAnaconda…all they had to do was set it on LV-426 and have the Space Jockey go die in the pilot’s seat on the alien ship (that they find in the original Alien) and the two movies would’ve tied perfectly together (while still not retreading the same xenomorph shtuff). Instead they had the ship land in that weird position and everything, yet it’s a different planet? Just seems pointless!

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