Mommy Says: Random Advice

In this first vlog, Mommy teaches us about identity theft and disperses her own “random advice.” 

Written & Performed by Vickie Toro
Directed by Emily McGregor
Produced by Comediva
Director of Photography – Will Turner
Edited by Barb Steele 
Sound by Sean Oakley 
Make-Up by Kazuyuki Okada 


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Vickie Toro

Hi, friend! I'm Vickie Toro, and I'm Comediva's Social Media Manager, connecting your comedy-loving hearts with ours through all of your favorite social media addictions. I'm the lesbian in Lesbros, the creator and one of the writers of BAMF Girls Club, and the Frumpy Girl who commiserates with your Style Ineptness. I'm a Potterhead, water-dancer, and overall TV junky. Also sports movies make me cry.

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