The Divas: Episode 1

CEO Betty Krueger leads her team of strong-willed Divas in a comedy research meeting.  Meet Lucille Ballbuster, Shirley Wench, Katharine Rugburn, and Frida Killho as they plot comedic world domination.


:  The Divas is a behind-the-scenes mockumentary about the inner workings of  CEO Betty Krueger and her team of strong-willed divas seek world domination — in the form of comedy — as they plot the launch of



Betty Krueger,

Nurturing by nature, Betty tries her best to create an enjoyable, drama-free, workspace — but Betty’s slightly bi-polar and can veer off into a screaming rant without a moment’s notice.


Shirley Wench, VP of Production
Shirley’s ideal Friday night would look something like this: get smashed off whiskey, break something, screw some dude at his place, steal his wallet, slap him on the ass, and bolt before sunrise.


Lucille Ballbuster, Director of Marketing
Lucille is earnest, well-meaning and incredibly naive.  She was raised by her yamama, and has a cat named Skittles that’s very opinionated.


Katharine Rugburn, VP of Talent Development
Katharine is the kind of woman you would never solicit as a wing-girl, because men just can’t resist her siren song.


Frida Killho, VP of Social Media
Frida’s a far-left-leaning feminist with one goal: use Comediva to save the world, one cause at a time.


 D-2    D-3    D-4



Jade Catta-Preta as Frida Killho

Abigail Kochunas as Betty Krueger

Emily Morris as Katharine Rugburn

Alexa Rose as Lucille Ballbuster

Karen Schantz as Shirley Wench

Brett L. Davis as Sam

Ryland Shelton as Tristan

Erik Steffens as Maniture



Erika Cervantes (4 Episodes, “The Cold War,” “The Fight,” “New Office” and “Launch Party”)
Linda Yvette Chavez (2 Episodes, “This or That” and “Website”)
Emily McGregor (2 Episodes, “Research” and “New Assistant”)
Luis M. Navarro (1 Episode, “The Fight”)

Produced By Luis M. Navarro
Directed By Emily McGregor

Director of Photography – Jarrett Sexton

1st AD – Nick Erickson

Sound Mixer – Sean Oakley

Gaffer – Nick Erickson, Chris Pritzlaff

Make-Up Artists – Jean Melsheimer, Kazuyuki Okada

Edited By Marisol Montoya, Alex Oppenheimer

Color Correction By Yuki Noguchi

Sound Design By Ben Huff

Composer – Christopher Thomas

 D-5   D-6   D-7



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