The Ultimate Runway Model Fails Compilation

As a Belgian finding her way in the Land of the Free, encountering language barriers and cultural differences have become apart of my everyday life. For example, kissing as a form of greeting, while totally acceptable in Belgium, is considered sexual harassment in America.

Sometimes, particularly during episodes of Teen Mom, American culture is totally lost on me. Therefore I find solace in videos of runways models falling, because a size zero getting clocked across the body by a giant pendulum is funny in every language.

WorldWideInterweb’s The Ultimate Runway Model Fails Compilation is truly one of the most dynamic and entertaining compilations of model plunders on YouTube. The models are skinnier, the heels are higher and the falls are steeper. Best of all, I don’t need Google Translate to understand that watching Kate Moss stumble around in a bright orange jumpsuit will be the highlight of my day.


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